Lansinoh® HPA® LANOLIN

Lansinoh® HPA® LANOLIN, 100% ultra pure lanolin, for breastfeeding mothers has been soothing, healing and protecting sore, cracked nipples for over thirty years. Lansinoh® HPA® LANOLIN is here to provide relief to mothers while you help to sort out the underlying problem. Clinically proven to accelerate healing, Lansinoh HPA® LANOLIN is so pure that there is no need to remove before breastfeeding.

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  • Lansinoh® HPA® LANOLIN
  • Lansinoh® HPA® LANOLIN
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  • Product Features:

    • Soothes, heals and protects sore, cracked nipples
    • 100% ultra pure lanolin – all natural
    • Clinically proven to accelerate healing
    • No need to remove before breastfeeding
    • Hypoallergenic and preservative free
    • Has no taste or odour to bother the baby
    • Does not clog pores or milk ducts
  • Description:

    Sore and cracked nipples commonly indicate a problem with the way the baby attaches to the breast when feeding. While breastfeeding mothers work with healthcare professionals such as yourself to correct the underlying problem, Lansinoh® HPA® LANOLIN can be used for relief and healing.


    Lansinoh® HPA® LANOLIN contains only 100% ultra pure lanolin and is all natural. Created by an exclusive process to remove environmental impurities, pesticide residues, detergents and allergens, Lansinoh® HPA® LANOLIN is so pure that there is no need to remove before breastfeeding.


    Lansinoh® HPA® LANOLIN works by penetrating deeply to restore and maintain the moisture content essential for healthy, supple skin, and is clinically proven to accelerate healing. It is hypoallergenic and preservative-free.

  • Product Details:

    • 15g tube
    • 50g tube
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    • How does Lansinoh® HPA® LANOLIN work?

      One of the most frequent discomforts of breastfeeding is sore, cracked nipples. Sore or cracked nipples can be intensely painful and are often a result of incorrect attachment. It is essential to find relief while you are sorting out the cause of the problem. Lansinoh® HPA® LANOLIN works by providing a moist wound healing environment. Wounds in a moist environment heal twice as fast as those left to dry in the air. Moist wound healing involves retaining the moisture already present in the areolar skin, by applying a barrier to the skin. Internal moisture, retained within the skin, will return the skin to its normal healthy state, supple and soft rather than brittle and dry. When cracked tissue is dehydrated in this way from within, it will heal without the formation of a scab or crust.
    • Does Lansinoh® HPA® LANOLIN need to be removed before breastfeeding?

      Lansinoh® HPA® LANOLIN does not need to be removed before breastfeeding and contains only 100% ultra pure lanolin. It is purified using an exclusive refining process to reduce environmental impurities and allergic components to levels below the allergenic threshold. It is 100% natural and hypoallergenic. Lansinoh® HPA® LANOLIN has no taste or smell and no preservatives.

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