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Resheda Hagen, founder of Lansinoh and image of first workshop of Lansinoh HPA Lanolin

Our Lansinoh® family started over 30 years ago with a breastfeeding mum – Resheda Hagen, when she embarked on what became the Lansinoh® venture in 1978 in Portland, Oregon, when her first child was born. Resheda was breastfeeding, but after several days her nipples became excruciatingly sore. Unable to get any relief from the products available, she reluctantly considered weaning. She was encouraged to keep trying and was recommended lanolin, but it was not available in the shops.

Resheda’s husband was able to locate and bring home a jar of lanolin from the hospital pharmacy. She applied the lanolin to her painful nipples and felt immediate relief. Her nipples healed over the next few days and she went on to breastfeed successfully. Resheda Hagen started advocating the benefits of “Pure Lanolin” as a treatment for sore nipples for breastfeeding mothers.

Lansinoh® was founded in 1984 to offer breastfeeding women a more pure alternative to the products that were available for sore and cracked nipples. Lansinoh® HPA® LANOLIN has since been soothing, healing and protecting sore, cracked nipples for over 30 years.

Lansinoh® is committed to helping you make the most of your breastfeeding experience, supporting you through the challenges of breastfeeding to help you breastfeed for as long as you’d like.

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